Become our

Becoming a partner or reseller of GRC CORA means increasing the loyalty of your customers by providing a solution offering an increasingly qualified and comprehensive service.


The beacon does not intend to operate directly in the commercial and/or start-up actionup of the system, but is limited to facilitate the conclusion of the contract with the aim of bringing home to its customer a known system to support the processes subject to support and advice provided by the partner.

All activities related to the software will be provided by Compet-e.


It does not carry out promotion or resale activities; it is interested in acquiring the knowledge of the tool for the purposes of its consultancy in software selection processes/ integration.

Autonomous partner

He is interested in reselling software by delivering software-related activities (start-up, training, …) with the support of Compet-e for phases that cannot be transferred to the partner.
It acquires from Compet-e the individual packages / the individual activations to resell to customers.

Services provider

It acquires a multiple «package» of activations in order to activate a «multitenant» sub-environment to be dedicated to a set of customers.

Partner kit*

*for Autonomous partner and Services provider.

We provide support, training and support for optimal collaboration.


Demo environment
Price lists
Technical and commercial documentation

Training sessions aimed at achieving the level of autonomy consistent with the type of collaboration
Training on the job
Pre-sale support based on the complexity and the strategic and economic value of the single opportunity
2 level technical and functional support